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    Beyond Black Square


    The goal of this architectural competition is to design an innovative art exhibition and studio space inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematism, emphasizing bold geometric simplicity and spiritual intensity. The 900-square-meter site in the cultural heart of Petrograd (modern-day St. Petersburg) should facilitate creation, display, and interaction, acting as both a canvas and catalyst for artistic expression. Participants are encouraged to transcend conventional gallery norms and design a space that integrates seamlessly with the urban context, enhancing its role as a central hub for the city’s artistic community.

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    Boundless Joy: Playgrounds


    This competition is to inspire participants to design playgrounds that are universally accessible and cater to children with various disabilities. Your challenge is to transcend conventional playground designs and envision an inclusive environment where every child can play together safely and joyfully.

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    Academic Access Program


    Empower your architecture students with Seek Fanatic’s Academic Access Program! For just USD 1000, unlock unlimited participation, 100% fee waivers, global exposure, and enhanced learning opportunities. Exclusive for institutions of national importance. Subscribe now and elevate your students’ architectural journey!

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